Dream Jobs Volume 1

Taste, share and have fun!

The project

The idea of Dream Jobs came up after observing the work of some soft drinks promoters, forced to repeat the same stupid claim over and over while giving free samples to people. The whole scene looked really, really sad and forced me to think about work conditions for very young people in these years.

Dream Jobs aims to make a commentary about these alienating jobs through the language of games. The first game is a direct recreation of the scenario which have sparked the idea. The gameplay may look a bit dull, but that's exactly the mood this project aims to evoke.

After this first attempt, we would like to go on, exploring other alienating jobs and making commentary games about them.

The Authors

The first game of Dream Jobs series was written by Federico Fasce, with the kind help of Marina Rossi, Lorenzo Pigozzo and Alessandra Carboni.

Together we work at Urustar a small independent company, exploring new ways of gaming and boldly go where no game designer has gone before. Check us our website to know more about us and our projects!

Mfnv 300

The Music

The music chosen for this project comes from the great work of Federico Fantuz, called Music for no movies.

Fantuz wrote a series of soundtracks ideally looking for movies to be in. We thought that the ambient, relaxing sound of this music would have been perfect for the kind of mood we wanted to evoke. So, we guess some of these tracks have finally found their place.